Our Environmental and Ethical Statement

We are fully committed to the development and wellbeing of the planet. It has encouraged us to make decisions that would help the environment and make things efficient with the way we trade. With the packaging, the aim is to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill.


Going forward, our products will be packaged in recyclable bags. We plan to reduce the number of products that are individually packaged to reduce our carbon footprint. Our bags are reusable and they have a ziplock seal to keep contents secure.

It is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. We also encourage this in our customers through the re-use or recycling of your packaging after receiving your order.


We work with the highest quality of manufacturers. The clothing is sourced from Bangladesh and then printed and embroidered with our unique KOYUR designs in London. We fully recognise the importance of the people we work with and the countries we source our materials from. We ensure that the workers are free from discrimination, exploitations and are guaranteed freedom, equality and security. The manufacturer location of our materials/clothes are inspected by an independent to ensure that the working conditions and practices are to the highest standard and in accordance with government laws.